Q: What is Rolefit?

A: An enterprise application suite that helps manage almost every aspect of the assessment process.

RoleFit is a multi-vendor psychometric platform that does all the grunt work so you can focus on the results. You can select the best assessment tools from different providers and effortlessly integrate results from those multiple test vendors into a single report. While RoleFit has built in reports, you can design your reports as you see fit.

Q: Is there a request for assessments and scheduling functionality on the platform?

A: RoleFit has a sophisticated booking and scheduling function. Internal recruiters can send a booking request to the assessment team/ administrator. Once approved the candidate can be scheduled at a physical or virtual venue. Confirm the assessments and enhance communication with automated emails and SMS’s to the candidate, Human Capital and/or line manager with customisable templates.

Q: What assessments tools are available on RoleFit and can RoleFit plug into Applicant Tracking Systems?

A: Integrating with other systems is second nature to us. RoleFit Assessment Resource Management platform has been integrated with Applicant Tracking Systems such as PeopleSoft and most test providers.

Currently we interface with Cognadev, Integrity International, Psytech, Saville, JvR, Evalex, Aprolab, Skills Check, Kenexa and SHL to name a few. RoleFit passes information to the host system, the test is completed and the results are sent back to RoleFit – all seamlessly.

We are continually updating the library based on client requests. We can do this wherever the political will exists between Omnicor and the test providers.

Q: What if we have our own in-house assessments?

A: It is also routine for us to add client-specific in-house assessments to RoleFit with input screens to capture scores. The results of these assessments are then included in the integrated reports.

Q: How does RoleFit manage supervised and unsupervised modes of login and administration.

A: RoleFit distinguishes between supervised and unsupervised assessments. Candidates are sent a single link to gain access to all assessments that can be done online, and which do not require supervision. The assessments that require supervision only become visible when the candidate presents themselves at a physical or virtual venue and are unlocked via a unique candidate username and password.

Q: Can RoleFit house organisation specific competencies?

A: The opportunity to tailor an assessment to fit any role is firstly done via selecting the right tools, then selecting the required dimensions from those tools, then the required range for each dimension, then weighting the dimensions and finally renaming the dimensions in alignment with your competency framework. The system also has a feature to create Dynamic Competencies – these are aggregated scores made up of multiple dimensions across different tests in the battery and can be bespoke to your company.

Q: What are the reporting options on RoleFit?

A: We have a range of automated integrated reports that come standard on the system and which can be customised with your organisation’s branding and colours. The various reports are created with different audiences in mind namely candidate, hiring manager and Human Capital. You can opt for a bespoke, company specific report template to be developed on RoleFit for you too.

Moreover, effortlessly extract comparative summary reports. With a click of a button you can generate billing reports, see detailed activity logs etc.

Q: What can I do with all the individual candidate data on the system?

A: Want to see what trends in your data? Want to filter through all hired candidates results? Want to know how long it takes for a candidate to complete the entire assessment process? We have got you covered. Let Omnicor assist in transforming all your data points into interactive, real-time dashboards.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There are no license fees, no training fees just a once-off set up cost. RoleFit’s pricing model is then a pay per use model and a fee is therefore charged per candidate created on the system. There is no charge for drawing reports on candidates’ multiple times or from drawing a variety of different reports. RoleFit ARM clients maintain their relationships and accounts with tool providers.

Q: Does RoleFit have a secured hosting environment with a full fall-back and Disaster Recovery capabilities?

A: RoleFit is hosted on a dedicated server which is secured in a local data centre with full disaster recovery protocols and 99.9% uptime. Offsite backups are run daily.


Author – Taryn Kahn