Job profiling can be tedious and admin heavy. We understand this pain all too well:

  • The pain of fidgeting with bullet points and formatting that prevent us from standardising our role profile look and feel;
  • The pain of tracking changes across multiple stakeholders and multiple roles;
  • The pain of version control and poor document management

Introducing ProfileExpress

ProfileExpress, Omnicor’s role profiling management system was designed from the ground up to optimise the role profiling process. ProfileExpress helps eliminate all of those painful manual processes.

There is a centralised, secured repository for your role profiles, and the system tracks every phase of the profiling process. An easy-to-use dashboard, indicates which profiles have been created, in draft, finalised, and shows just how many of the people you have included in the review process automatically.

ProfileExpress delivers a fully searchable matrix of roles and competencies, allowing you to compare across all departments and level of the organisation. This level of control, allows you to see which SST level the roles are pitched at, making management of this function user-friendly and meaningful.

We can assist you in exporting all the information from ProfileExpress into your organisation’s performance management system.

Competency Frameworks

At Omnicor, we live, breathe and speak SST. Our built-in competency framework is SST aligned, and therefore integrated into ProfileExpress: you can profile a role, select the SST level, as well as the core and critical competencies. The finalised job profile will show a complete table of the selected competencies including, behavioural indicators at the requisite SST level, all in just a few clicks. This helps the role incumbent understand exactly how the behavioural competencies required for their role is defined, as well as the complexity level of their role.

Two roles at different levels of complexity can have some of the same competencies, but the actual behaviours required is different. ProfileExpress can help the role incumbents understand how their behaviour needs to change with varying levels of complexity, while at the same time helping your HR department with succession planning, career pathing and the development of talent in the organisation.

If you have your heart set on a different competency framework, ProfileExpress has the flexibility to integrate for you.


Organisation specific customisations are quick to deploy, meaning that the days of paying an untold fortune for a system that you have to use in the way it was built and intended while waiting months for any customisations to be made for your organisation are over.

For more information or a demo of ProfileExpress, take a look at out our consulting page on our website or get in contact with us at