Role Profiling

Define the responsibilities and skills for an open job position

Use predefined modern profiling templates that guarantee results

Help managers benchmark and measure performance more accurately

We store all your profiles in a database so that you can easily change or produce interview guides from them

Training and eLearning

Let Omnicor teach your staff


Learn how to accurately profile staff

Competency Interviewing

Interview your staff more effectively

Problem Solving

Train your staff in analytic thinking


Competency Interviewing

Problem Solving

Online or Offline

Select courses now available via our eLearning platform


Change employee behaviour

Custom Solutions

We assess which coach will work best for each client

No Admin

Omnicor will book and manage all sessions


We'll keep you updated on how your employee is doing

Run effective company-wide surveys using pre-built or custom questions. Omnicor will handle all the admin, using online systems to manage responses

Climate Surveys

Forget the admin, get the results

Leadership Development

Build your staff into effective leaders


Use a more scientific approach to developing leadership skills


Our program is custom fit to your company's culture


Master classes in leadership for graduates


Quick, affordable and scientifically credible 360s

Find the standout leaders of your company

Gain a detailed understanding of an individual's shortcomings

We use clear graphics to help you understand our reports, not technical jargon