Running a marathon was probably one of the physically and mentally hardest things I’ve done, but like all hard things, it taught me some stuff.

Ladies and gentlemen, and all you goal-getters out there, I am here to playfully draw parallels between two seemingly distant universes: the sweaty, blister-inducing world of marathon running and the caffeine-fueled pursuit of achieving KPI goals. It may seem like comparing apples to areoplanes, but bear with me!

Dream BIG and set goals

Both marathons and KPIs require some serious goal-setting; finding your rhythm is key, just like setting realistic and achievable KPIs. You can’t sprint like the Flash throughout the race or set KPIs that aren’t achievable; you can’t conquer KPIs without a clear roadmap.

Setbacks are inevitable

Perseverance is the secret sauce in both these adventures; dig deep and keep going. When you face KPI doubts and setbacks, you’ve got to power through.

You can plan for everything and still be unprepared

Flexibility is key; chasing KPIs might zigzag unexpectedly. Being adaptable is key, like a marathon runner changing their socks mid-race. You might need to swerve, adjust strategies, and maybe even take a detour to reach the finish line.

People make all the difference

Teamwork makes the dream work. In your KPI marathon, your colleagues & mentors cheering you on can be game-changers. Surround yourself with your A-team and conquer one KPI at a time.

The Finish Line

In conclusion, a marathon and the KPI sprint share many life lessons. Dedication, persistence, adaptability, mental fortitude, and a dash of humour are the ingredients to success. Remember, it’s a long race, but the finish line is closer than you think!

Author: Taryn Ziegler – RoleFit Product Owner