Ankia Steyn

It’s hard to believe that I’ve reached the halfway mark of my Industrial and Organisational Psychology internship at Omnicor. Time has flown as I’ve been engaged in this transformative experience. Looking back over the last six months, I can confidently say that this journey has been one of immense growth and discovery, which have shaped my understanding of Organisational Development and propelled me towards personal and professional evolution.

The saying “time flies when you’re having fun” couldn’t be truer. Reflecting on the past half-year, I’m grateful for the rich experiences that have come my way.


The opportunity to facilitate large and small group sessions has honed my communication skills and given me insight into effective teamwork dynamics. The many webinars and knowledge-sharing sessions exposed me to diverse perspectives and best practices in the field.

My journey has led me to fascinating projects that have uncovered the world of Organisational Development in ways I hadn’t anticipated.

Employee Engagement:

I have also received exposure to both the Employee Engagement and the Employee Transition systems. The significance of the Employee Engagement Survey and Employee Transition Systems has become evident as they play a crucial role in measuring and enhancing employee engagement. Organisations participating in these surveys can effectively monitor progress.

What stood out for me was the hesitancy among employees to participate in surveys, often driven by concerns regarding confidentiality. The reluctance to participate could point to levels of psychological safety and may offer insights into the company culture. Those participants who felt comfortable shared openly and with candour and openness. The qualitative section of the surveys yields a wealth of feedback and invaluable information for organisations. Over time, enhancements in the employee experience show the organisation’s commitment to bettering their journey. This not only helps in retaining talented individuals but also positively influences the bottom line.

I have been in many organisational feedback sessions, where our Lead OD Consultant provided the EXCO team with the outcome of the survey and it’s been incredible to see the impact of the process firsthand.

Coaching & Leadership Development:

A definite favourite for me has been the coaching and leadership development spaces. These sessions have nurtured my growth as a professional and reinforced the transformative impact of mentorship. Having benefited from mentorship, I’ve discovered a profound sense of purpose in guiding others on their paths and understanding its crucial implications for personal growth.

 Human Resource Management &Labour Relations:

Beyond the realms of Industrial and Organisational Psychology, I’ve had the privilege of exploring facets of Human Resources. By participating in conciliation hearings, I’ve directly observed how conflicts are resolved in the workplace. This experience underscores the value of clear communication and positive employee interactions. Participating in projects such as implementing a new Performance Management system has highlighted the significance of strategies that promote employee development and organisational success.

As I approach the final quarter of my internship, I’m filled with anticipation for what lies ahead. The opportunity to transition to Omnicor’s Psychometric Assessments team offers a new avenue for learning and growth. Delving deeper into assessments and tools presents an exciting prospect, enabling me to further contribute to organisational effectiveness and employee development.

In closing, I am very grateful for the experiences and opportunities during the first half of my Industrial and Organisational Psychology internship. The insights gained, the skills developed, and the personal growth achieved have set a strong foundation for the journey ahead.


Look out for my final update in December.

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash