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A revelatory book on rethinking change, creating a rugged and flexible mindset and identity, and developing habits for life’s intensifying flux.

From social disruptions like economic recessions, pandemics, and new technologies to individual disruptions like getting married, career transitions, and becoming a parent, we undergo change and transformation—both good and bad—regularly. Change is not the exception; it’s the rule. Yet we endlessly fight it, often viewing it as a threat to our stability and sense of self.

Master of Change flips this script on its head and offers a path for embracing and even growing from life’s constant instability.

Brad Stulberg, sustainable excellence expert, coach, and bestselling author of The Practice of Groundedness, offers a new model that describes the change as an ongoing cycle of order, disorder, and reorder—yes, we return to stability, but that stability is somewhere new. Drawing on modern science, ancient wisdom, and daily practice, Stulberg offers concrete principles for developing a mindset called rugged flexibility, along with habits and practices to implement it. Along the way, Stulberg reveals:

  • How to be in conversation with change instead of it happening to you.
  • The importance of expectations
  • Why cultivating a rugged yet flexible sense of self is key to a strong identity.
  • How to take productive action during a challenge.
  • The paradox of both making meaning and moving forward.

11 Things Master Of Change Will Teach You

  1. Adopt a new, more accurate, and productive mindset for change called rugged flexibility.
  2. Navigate cycles of order → disorder → reorder.
  3. Apply non-dual thinking to work through challenges.
  4. Chart uncertainty with increased confidence.
  5. Be in conversation with change instead of it happening to you.
  6. Set appropriate expectations and adjust them when necessary.
  7. Cultivate a rugged yet flexible sense of self.
  8. Discern your core values and apply them in diverse circumstances.
  9. Develop a being over having orientation.
  10. Take productive action amidst challenges.
  11. Make meaning and move forward after big changes.

Ultimately, Stulberg reshapes our entire perception of change and shows us how to grow in its midst— helping us move forward better, stronger, and wiser than we were before.

Favourite Quote: “Suffering =pain X resistance” Brad Stulberg

Recommendation ***** ( 5 stars )

I can’t recommend this book enough, for any professionals in transition, business leaders and managers, personal development enthusiasts, HR professionals and organisational developers, entrepreneurs, students and academics, life coaches and therapists, and individuals facing significant life events. Basically, anyone who wants to become more self-aware.

Review Author: Colleen McLintock-