If I have to think about one word to describe my MILSCO (Millennial shadow board at Omnicor) experience, the word ‘challenging’ comes to mind and this was for so many reasons. Firstly, the process of getting accepted into the MILSCO programme was not a piece of cake. We had to research the best way Omnicor could start and run the Millennial Committee by sending a two-minute video clip together along with a two-page resume. This application process (specifically the video) took me out of my comfort zone and really challenged me to think out the box. Once getting accepted, I felt a sense of accomplishment and was grateful that the MILSCO founders believed I could be part of addressing the strategic challenge for the assessment department. After having our first meeting with everyone, I felt very driven and excited to tackle the challenge given as well as work with my fellow team members and mentor. However, this passion and thrill was coupled with some harsh realities. For one, I don’t think I initially realised the magnitude and sheer complexity of the task given. Pressure started to set in as the days leading up to our presentation was looming and it certainly felt like a juggling act managing work commitments and attending to MILSCO within a short timeframe.

Looking back now at our first attempt, we could have utilised out mentor (Dr Lee) to a greater extent. The consequence of these factors unfortunately meant that our first presentation did not deliver on the brief and we received feedback as to how we needed to improve, this was hard to hear and really dented my confidence. The initial failed attempt, however, taught me so many things about myself. Such as communicating and planning better as well as engaging in teamwork to a greater extent. It also taught me that with perseverance and the drive to continue despite difficulties, success is still possible.

With a little bit of time and some very wise and encouraging words from various people, I managed to pick myself up again. I truly believe that through that experience, the MILSCO team came back even stronger. The decision to include Dr Lee to a greater extent than what was initially done, made an enormous difference. Dr Lee helped us get back on the right track and provided us with invaluable guidance on how to go about reworking our approach to the challenge. I think myself and the team were also a lot more realistic about what we could deliver and when. From here, our timeframes got extended which really helped us accomplish our analysis part of the project. By the time we had to present again, I think the team felt a lot more prepared. Like I said, however, this challenge was very complex with so many moving parts but hopefully with the trends and insights that we put forward, we have helped set the direction we think OPSCO should take from a strategy perspective for the assessment space. Overall, this was a fantastic experience that challenged my thinking and I feel like I have grown as a person since then. Carli, Amy, and Keegan were amazing team members, and I honestly could not have wished for a better team. I am so grateful for Dr Lee’s support and guidance throughout the process.

The OPSCO members were all very understanding, appreciative and patient with us during the presentation, to which I am very grateful for. Strategy is not an easy thing to do and requires a lot of dedication, time, resources and commitment in order for it to be achieved successfully. I am very passionate about Omnicor and it was a privilege to be part of something that can hopefully, one day in the near future, make a difference and contribute to the success of our assessment department and Omnicor as a whole.