In our last post, we discussed why psychometric measurement is critical to talent management. But just having assessment results at your disposal is not quite the same as using them effectively. All too often we see companies snowed under with hundreds of pages of assessment reporting, all without the proper context or focus. This type of test-by-test reporting may have been the norm 10 years ago, but we think it’s time for a change.

That’s why our assessment team at Omnicor is obsessed with integrating assessment results. We believe that best practice assessments should offer the client integrated results that speak directly to the role being assessed for. If you’re not getting that as an assessment end-user, you’re not tapping into the true potential of assessments as talent management accelerators.

Here are the most important reasons why you should be demanding integrated results (and reporting):

A holistic overview and triangulation:

  • Using different tests allows for identifying trends and discrepancies in skills and behavior.
  • Reporting on assessments individually limits the opportunity to identify important trends and overlaps in assessment data.

Predictive validity

  • Psychometric specialists know that not all assessments are equally predictive for all roles. Integrated results give you the full picture of the candidate, with different weightings assigned to different assessment results.
  • For instance, integrated results quickly reveal where the person is likely to need development or what their true strengths are.

Making results relevant

  • Integrated results tend to be more focused on the actual role being assessed for. It avoids far-ranging (and often irrelevant) details on every aspect of the candidate’s test performance.
  • Integrated results and reporting excel at showing what the person needs to develop and what the results mean for the company. Test-by-test results tend to be so extensive and generic that it becomes difficult to know where to begin in interpreting them.

Don’t compromise on asking for the best, integrated assessment results. If you’d like to know more about Omnicor’s assessment solutions, visit out assessment services page here.