The use of technology to enhance business functioning has become an integral part of modern day work. Nobody thinks it strange that we use various software applications to streamline our communications, business processes, and HR functions. Yet, the discipline of psychometric assessments has curiously lagged behind this trend toward automation.

About seven years ago, Omnicor identified this need and we developed a world first: An automated, enterprise-level software application that is specifically tailored at assessment functions and professionals. We call it RoleFit Assessment Resource Management (ARM). RoleFit ARM is currently the only full service, end-to-end software application that automates various steps along the process of conducting psychometric assessments within organisations. To the best of our knowledge, the RoleFit ARM system is unique not only in South Africa, but also the rest of the world.

The business of people development and assessing people for performance has become a key part for organizational success. For one, it means to ensure that the correct people are hired and the right people developed where needed.

RoleFit ARM helps the user to integrate information from a number of channels such as psychometric assessments, interviews, 360 degree assessments, and performance data. It is therefore a powerful data integration platform that helps the user managestorereport on, and make sense of people-related data within their organization.

There are both strategic and operational benefits to implementing RoleFit ARM.

Strategic benefits of using RoleFit ARM include:

  • Secure assessment and biographical data storage
  • Permission based access to all users. Through this, organisations have full control over who views and has access to assessment data
  • Global organizational statistics on assessment results can be retrieved through a click of a button. An example: An organization tracks the type of personality that employed assessment candidates exhibit, and in doing so can better understand its own culture.
  • Talent and skills audits: RoleFit ARM allows assessment professionals to analyze assessment data by generating diagnostic reports and comparisons of different candidates to better understand the talent landscape of the organization as a whole.
  • Expenditure on assessments and financial analysis — RoleFit ARM stores all pricing and billing information which makes the process of retrieving such information simple.
  • Collection of information on talent engagement and why people may be leaving. This can be done through the use of engagement surveys housed within the RoleFit ARM system

Operational benefits of using RoleFit ARM include:

  • Saving of ALL documents from job profiles and job descriptions to candidate personal documents
  • Customisation of competencies and assessment dimensions based on job profiles or competency frameworks of the organization
  • Assessment reports that are available immediately after candidates have undergone their assessment
  • Automated scheduling and booking of candidates through the use of an on-board calendar system
  • Tracking and automation of communications to all stakeholders who should be kept in the loop.
  • Online administration of assessments, allowing assessments to be administrated across borders, anywhere in the world.
  • Independent usage by line managers and other consumers of assessment data and reporting.
  • Full audit trails, ensuring data integrity and responsible use of assessment data
  • Access to the system from anywhere, ideal for those who work virtually or from remote locations.

RoleFit ARM was designed with a single, overarching focus: to streamline assessment practices through automation and technological innovation.

Clients of RoleFit ARM realize both strategic and operational benefits every day as they run busy but efficient assessment practices and functions within their organisations. We’d love you to be part of the RoleFit family — get in touch with us and see how automated assessment management can benefit you!

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