In the last few blog posts, we’ve been discussing the functionworkings, and benefits of running a 360 degree assessment project within your organisation. If you’ve been following along in this series of articles, you know by now that to be successful, a 360 degree assessment should have an easy-to-use, highly sophisticated system to back it up, as well as good communication throughout.

Illume 360

Here at Omnicor, we routinely run 360 degree assessments for clients, housed on our home-grown, custom-made Illume 360 system. With Illume, we can set up 360 questions, assign raters, track and monitor responses, and finally, draw highly visual, easy-to-understand reports. Right from the beginning, we wanted to build our own system, incorporating our insights from psychological science to deliver a world-class 360 solution. That meant not using existing technologies or products, but rather building our own system.

We have found that it really helps to have a system that has been built by our developers from the ground up. That way, we can modify it in a variety of different ways to best suit client needs. Also: we can continually develop and upgrade the system to keep ahead of the competition!

Recently, we conducted some research on our 360 degree process with a client in the health care sector, and the results are particularly illuminating:

  • Managers overwhelmingly found the 360 process to be highly professional, well-run, and easy to understand
  • For self-raters, the 360 process significantly increased their self-awareness and insight into their own behavior
  • For raters in general, the 360 process gave them insights into how people at work behaved and what their development areas were

We would ascribe the above findings to two key elements of the Illume system:

  1. Our Illume 360 system automates much of the manual operations of running a 360 degree survey. This in turn translates into more effective, speedier delivery to our clients
  2. Our proprietary reporting system allows for a more accurate, scientifically-credible way of understanding 360 data, which in turn helps our clients benefit from their results in new and innovative ways.

To find out more, visit our Illume 360 page!