Omnicor’s coaching approach is a well-established and proven aspect of what we do to help individuals and groups develop a wide variety of personal competencies. Our values and passion for coaching drive the coaching team here at Omnicor. We are client focused and practice heroic customer service with a solution-focused and success-oriented approach. We provide ongoing support and feedback with the goal to build lasting relationships.

Our Coaching Approach

All too often, coaching can be a loose, poorly controlled developmental exercise. At Omnicor, we’ve approached things very differently. Born from our experience as a provider of scientifically-valid assessment and engagement data, we have transformed our coaching practices to emulate this systematic rigor.

Omnicor provides performance-linked, goal-focused coaching with a strong emphasis on changing or enhancing work-related behaviours. We are pedantic about confidentially and providing feedback to the various stake holders appropriately and maintaining all the appropriate professional standards (e.g. ICF, HPCSA).

Omnicor coaching focuses on achieving sustainable behavioural change that is observable and linked to the organisational success. In the long term, it will provide insights to executives that assist them in developing a personalised approach to leadership that transcends one-size-fits-all solutions. For us, buying coaching is more like buying a development process, rather than a looser series of sessions. Why? Because aside from the actual sessions, coaching includes behavioural exercises, reading, and consultation with relevant people in the executive’s immediate working environment.

Our seasoned panel of coaches come from a broad range of industries and professions. Research shows that the more control the client has in selecting the coach, the more effective the coaching will be. We provide the client with guidance and information about all the coaches but ultimately they select their preferred coach.

Our coaches all participate in monthly supervision sessions, allowing each client to benefit from the insight of all the panel members. We have a faculty approach, which means that when required, guest coaches can assist with each other’s coaching projects.

Our approach is scientific, and to a large extent the success of the programme is informed by the metrics and coaching objectives set. These metrics are customised per individual, and include face to face role plays, psychometric assessments and a pre- and post- tailored 360 surveys. The post-360 will provide clear evidence of how competencies have improved based on the behaviour changes noted by the organisation.

We monitor and measure the coaching process via our online system. This system also allows managers and participants to keep track of the experience as well as access reporting.

All of the above measures ensure that our coaching clients receive a one-of-a-kind developmental experience that is: Effective, Transparent, and Measurable.

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