Welcome to the final installment of our personal branding course.

It’s been an exciting 10 part journey for you, we hope, and today we’ll briefly look at some final ideas to cement the learning of the previous 9 parts.

In building the new Brand: You, we’d like you to take a moment and reflect on other people within (or outside) your organisation who you look up to and admire. Chances are, you can learn a lot about branding from them. Some have intuitively built a powerful brand, while others (and we suspect most) have done so consciously. Go and chat with them — ask them how they managed their careers, and especially their brands to be where they are today. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Personal branding is not about big, glitzy productions. It’s often very subtle, and takes time. Don’t let that dissuade you in constructing a new, more powerful Brand: You. Anything worthwhile takes time and effort. When it comes to personal brand building, the metaphor we’re thinking of is more a slow, careful project plan than a big Holywood spectacular. Don’t forget that.

Your homework for this final instalment is simple:

  1. Read more. Reading widely is incredibly important to brand building, and perhaps the most important part of the process
  2. Don’t let humility shoot your new brand in the foot. Many people who attempt personal brand building fail because they’re just too shy, too humble, and too modest about their achievements and victories. If marketing your brand sounds like ‘bragging’, you’re probably overly sensitive to this vital aspect. Don’t let it kill the new, exciting Brand: You!

That’s it — we hope you’ve enjoyed the course. Here’s a link to all 10 parts of the course, in case you missed any.

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