In last week’s post, we explained the pros and cons of custom vs. off-the-shelf software solutions. Today, we look at three powerful advantages of using custom or bespoke software in your organisation.

  • Bespoke software can eliminate hard-to-kill manual processes

All organisations have them. Those manual, tedious processes that have stuck around for ages, despite everybody despising them. They’re often resistant to change because nobody’s come up with a workable solution to fix them, or more likely, existing off-the-shelf systems and software don’t have solutions that speak directly to the problem.

That’s where a bespoke software solution can do wonders in targeting these problematic processes. By working with a competent, consultative software team, users can identify, describe, and eventually automate tasks that are universally hated. A bonus is that your staff engagement is likely to rise as people have more time for meaningful work rather than mind-numbing admin.

  • Bespoke software can communicate on your behalf

People in business spend an awful lot of time on their emails. Despite the noble objective of inbox zero, the reality for most of us is that emails take time and often rob us of productive energy.

In our experience, many of our software clients harbour processes that require sending routine emails: the kind of communication that is repetitive but necessary. For instance, thank you messages for a job completed, or notification of a product that is ready for pick-up. This is where a custom software system can really help alleviate the manual burden.

It turns out that machines are far better at repetitive tasks like sending administrative, routine emails. All without error and without fail. And again, a massive time win for the person who usually had to do it manually!

  • Bespoke software can make things easier to find

How many times a day to people in an organisation search for vital data? Sometimes what they’re looking for is buried somewhere in an off-line file in a cabinet somewhere. Sometimes, the data is digital, but not indexed properly or the search options are limited.

Bespoke software allows you to determine search fields and choose filtering options that make data super-easy to find. It’s also a far more secure repository of information than an old-fashioned (and easy to lose) paper file!

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