In last week’s post, we explained three powerful advantages of using bespoke software development in your organisation. Today, we’d like to take it one step further and show you how one of our recent clients benefitted from bespoke software development.

The Problem

Recently, a client approached us with a unique problem. They had to coordinate, manage, and measure the effectiveness of hundreds of sales consultants having face-to-face meetings with clients. An added complication: They were spread across the country.

The sales process had been run manually up to that point and it wasn’t really working. Sales consultants weren’t keeping to their appointments, diary management was chaotic, and there was no central repository for data gathered in client meetings. The client looked at off-the-shelf software solutions, but due to the nature and sector of their business, they couldn’t find anything that really addressed their needs or business model.

Our Solution

The best software solutions don’t start with programming or wireframes. They start with conversations. We wanted to understand the client’s problem from their point of view, so the project kicked off with a series of consultations. These had one goal: To understand the client’s sales workflow and business model.

Based on the data we gathered, we proposed a bespoke solution that would do a number of good things:

  • Automate up-to-that-point manual processes such as appointment scheduling and diary management
  • Create a mechanism that incentivized sales consultants to report on their activity and log sales opportunities
  • Establish a central repository of information that the client could use for analysis, performance management, and business intelligence

Final Thoughts

Once the system went live, the client reported an almost immediate improvement in consultant compliance and a more gradual, but very real uptake in sales.

The clunky, manual processes of the past are not missed — instead, the sales function has become a better place to work in because of less time spent on admin and less unhappiness due to lost leads and frustrated opportunities.

The system is still evolving, and new features are being added as the client’s business needs change — yet another advantage of bespoke software development.

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