In our posts last week, we discussed what employee surveys are and gave you some background into how organisations run employee surveys. But today, we’re going to look at one of our specialties, and one of the most useful types of employee surveys for an organisation: employee engagement surveys.

What Is Employee Engagement?

In its most basic form, employee engagement refers to a staff member’s dedication or commitment to working at your company. It’s a valuable component in staff retention, as it speaks directly to the attitudes and feelings of your employees, specifically in relation to whether they want to work for you! Most importantly, high employee engagement correlates highly with a more successful, more productive, more responsive business.

Benefits of Measuring Employee Engagement

You Can Measure Engagement

Engagement surveys are good for your business because at the very least, it will provide you with some insight into how engaged or disengaged your employees are. There are a variety of factors that one can use when measuring engagement levels — a few common factors revolve around Reward and Recognition, Leadership and Team Experience and Personal Fulfilment.

You Can Increase Engagement Further

Once you have an understanding of how engaged or disengaged your workforce is, you will have the ammunition to create action plans with a view to increasing engagement further. By analyzing the survey data, you will be able to see what’s working and going well as well as pinpoint specific areas in your organisation that may need more interventions in order for engagement to increase.

Employees Feel Valued

Engagement surveys provide employees with an opportunity to offer honest feedback about the organisation and the way it impacts on them from a variety of perspectives, whether positive or negative. If results are shared with employees and action plans put in place, employees are assured that their opinions matter and they automatically feel more valued.

You Have Satisfied Employees

If your employees are engaged then it means that they are also satisfied with their jobs. Engaged and satisfied employees contribute to the success of your organisation in more ways than one. They are personally invested in seeing the organisation succeed and will be your brand champions without anyone asking them to. Their levels of loyalty and commitment to the organisation will also be higher.

You Have Productive Employees

Engaged and satisfied employees are naturally more productive. They are usually the stars of your organisation and will always go beyond what’s expected of them. These employees are more present at work than they are absent and their motivation to succeed is high, leading to increased productivity.

You Retain and Attract Talent

There is a close relationship between engagement and retention, in that high employee engagement means decreased turnover. As mentioned previously, engaged employees have a higher level of loyalty towards the organisation and if they are satisfied with their jobs are more likely to stay. In terms of recruitment, if your organisation is an engaged one, you are more likely to attract the best talent.

You Can Innovate

Because engaged employees perform at a higher level than the rest, they bring a different level of passion and creativity to the job, putting them in the perfect position to innovate. Because they have a vested interest in the success of the organisation, creating new products and services or improving on current processes comes to them without much effort. This in turn will lead to organizational growth.

You Are Profitable

Finally and most likely the most attractive benefit of having an engaged workforce is the increased profitability potential. It only makes sense that the more engaged and productive your employees are, the more operating costs drop and profitability increases.

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