Last week, we discussed the importance of having good job profiles inside your organizationOver the years of doing literally thousands of job profiles, we’ve uncovered a multitude of risks inherent in not having appropriate or correct job profiles. Here are our top three:

Performance management breaks down

A profile is a comprehensive description of what a job is all about. It includes detailed information about areas of responsibility, performance standards, competencies required, and reporting lines (amongst many others).

This information is core to successful performance management. Without a well-conceived profile, confusion about what counts as success and failure is common.

Talented employees are eager to know if their performance will be adequately recognized. Without a good job profile, recognizing exceptional performance becomes difficult and is often far too dependent on managerial whim.

That state of affairs can have serious consequences down the line for any talent manager or HR professional.

Employee motivation suffers

Motivated employees tend to know what is expected of them and what is not. Without a comprehensive role profile, the criteria of success are unknown. Unknown success measures lead to employee confusion and ultimately, a downgrade of their motivation.

Good job profiles ensure that management measures everybody’s performance against something more concrete than subjective judgment.

Inaccurate recruitment

Good profiles help you recruit accurately. They contain all the necessary information a recruiter will need to find the right talent for the position. Alternatively, if you have incomplete or overly-simplistic profiles, you’re likely to put out generic-sounding adverts that call for “self-starters,” “good team-players,” and “deadline-driven” individuals.

Don’t make that mistake. It’s often far more important to consult a good job profile and specify the non-negotiable technical or experience-based skills and competencies you require. Doing so will help sift out candidates who don’t even have a ticket to play from those who do. Without this fine-tuned information, you are more likely to get hundreds of irrelevant CVs that will eat up your time. Also, potential candidates who apply will have a better idea of what your organization is looking for, which improves your desirability as an employer.

If you’re interested in how Omnicor can help you create comprehensive, well-constructed job profiles that won’t expose you to risk, contact us or visit our profiling page.