In a Nutshell: A 360˚ review of a 360˚

An overview of the 360˚ Feedback Tool in Today’ Organisations

Like all fields, organisational psychology continues to evolve in everything from the tools to the theories. One of the most significant tools in the field being a 360˚ review which has proved its value to organisations time and time again. Subsequently, similarly valuable to organisations is keeping up to date with the current literature on the 360˚ tool  to help inform discussions regarding its implementation within the organisation. Additionally, staying up to date with the most recent research on a tool will provide essential knowledge on current themes and recommendations in modern performance management research. This article aims to offer a comprehensive overview of the 360˚ feedback tool a well as emphasis the necessity of remaining informed on relevant research on it.  To achieve this, we will begin by defining the practice area in general, discussing its value, effectiveness, and recent literature developments which include the challenges that comes with the process.


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