Ultimately, with 2020 being over, I find myself in a moment of deep, reflexive exhale. It may go down as one of the most challenging years experienced both collectively and personally, yet, with a single defining factor: a year of change. This sometimes-daunting word connotes instability, adaptation and the energy required to action such change. But it also signifies excitement for growth which is organic and simultaneous to change. My acceptance of the notion that both joy and hardship are transient has been a real tool in navigating this equally fruitful and challenging year. Taking a holistic stance and exercising self-empowerment has enabled me the courage to embrace the discomfort of global and remote workplace changes, while finding balance from the lighter elements of this change as opportunities growth.

Cause for Gratitude and Celebration

While change brings with it growing pains, I have much to be grateful for from my internship year and have included but a few points that have given me much cause for gratitude and celebration.

#1 Despite the challenges, I have successfully completed my internship in full. The exposure and experiences I have had throughout my internship are a testament to Omnicor’s expansive offering, the courage of leadership at Omnicor to persevere through a seemingly bleak macro-economic landscape, as well as a wide network of professionals who are passionate about development.

#2 The leadership, mentorship and collegial guidance I have received this year has been exceptional to say the least – my learning has been immeasurable in both a formal and informal sense.

#3 I am excited at the prospect of an opportunity to continue my professional development and career advancement at Omnicor which has emerged within the commencing weeks of my internship.

Key Realisations from Consulting

There are too many aha moments as well as knowledge and skills developments to mention but I can offer my three key lessons from a year in a hi-po consulting team.

#1 Things always take longer than expected. I will carry with me the ‘Just add the buffer time’ rule because nine times out of ten, we will use it.

#2 Communication is king. An assumption is not clarification and expectations cannot be met without knowledge of such. I take forward into my career the learning of firstly knowing what the important thing are and secondly to continually develop the assertiveness and proactivity involved in communicating and gaining clarification.

#3 Fail to plan – plan to fail. A critical take-away from my year is the importance of effective planning with all the necessary actioners in the planning process.

Forward thinking

A retrospect has given me a sense of accomplishment and pride in my leaders, mentors, peers, and myself. If we have weathered the year of change, I am only looking forward with excitement.

#1 My new role as Assessment Coordinator and Data Analyst for Omnicor.

#2 Technological and system innovations in the ‘new normal’ remote world of work.

#3 Further opportunities to apply the knowledge I have gained this year as well as embrace the inevitable changes that inspire further growth!

Author: Amy Globe


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