New growth allows us to begin where we are as we emerge from the cooler depths of winter.

Spring is the season for growing, for new light and warmth to be invited in. Many look at this time as an opportunity for new beginnings yet perhaps new growth should be the starting point. New growth allows us to begin where we are as we emerge from the cooler depths of winter.

As the days slowly begin to warm up and layers of clothing are peeled off, we can take this time to clear out. Our wardrobes from heavy winter clothes, our diet from heavy winter foods, our minds from stuck thoughts and our bodies from any rigidity that winter brought into our bones and muscles. This time of the year is an opportunity to make space and allow a lightness of being to enter our state, our thoughts, what we do, eat and drink.

As we transition into the sun there are some simple things we can do to enliven our whole self, nurturing our winter bodies into warmth.


Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) — standing on hands and feet, making an inverted V in our bodies while stretching our spine and hips to the ceiling

Seated twist (Parivrtta Sukhasana)- sitting cross-legged and twisting to the right, holding our right knee with the left hand and supporting with the right hand on the floor behind us. Repeating to the other side.

Legs up the wall (Viparita Karani) — a simple, restorative pose used to lighten the weight on the legs and allow blood flow to move out from heavy winter feet and legs. Lying on your back, buttocks against the wall and legs straight up with heels resting into the wall. You can support your lower back with a pillow, allowing your buttocks to rest between the pillow and the wall.

A simple cleansing breathe can be done


A simple cleansing breathe can be done whilst lying on your back. Focus your inhale towards your belly, moving up to your ribcage and all the way to the top of the ribs. Imagine as though you are filling a glass with water — from the bottom up. Pause at the top and then empty the glass in the same way — from the top down, pausing at the bottom. With each cycle, increase the length of your exhale so that it is longer than the inhale. This removes any stagnant air from your lungs. Repeat at least five times.


Lastly — a simple meditation in a seated position. Sit cross legged, eyes down or closed, palms up on your thighs and your spine long. As you inhale, saying in your mind So and as you exhale Hum. Repeating your mantra of So Hum with each inhale and exhale. This mantra translates as I am, it is a way of identifying oneself with the universe, the world around us and connects us with this new spring growth and awakening.

Enjoy this increased lightness and space into your life, the clothes you wear, the foods you eat and the way you are in the world with others.

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