By Anike Theron

Securing an Industrial Psychology internship can be challenging, but it offers emerging professionals a valuable opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to practice. As a recent Master’s graduate, I experienced feelings of fear and apprehension during the application process but was thrilled to secure an internship with Omnicor. Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed and introduced to the Organisational Development team, who provided me with an immersive experience of Omnicor’s products and day-to-day operations. In just two months, I have been exposed to the Employee Engagement and Employee Transition Surveys, conducted research, analysed data, and planned projects.

Through this experience, I have gained valuable skills and learned about the importance of psychology in the workplace. My time at Omnicor so far has been a rewarding and eye-opening journey, and I look forward to continuing to enhance my understanding of psychology in the workplace. It’s been remarkable to see how psychology can be applied to create a more conducive and favourable work environment for employees.

Follow for part two of my journey and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Anike Theron

Industrial Psychologist Intern