“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” ~ Benjamin Franklin

As a third-year BA Industrial Psychology student on the verge of entering the workforce, Omnicor has provided a solid basis for my career growth. It is through the job-shadowing opportunity granted by the organization where I gained insight on the different fields of Industrial Psychology, such as; Organizational development, Psychometric assessments, Talent engagement, and Coaching. I felt valued and part of the Omnicor team from the moment I arrived, it is the pleasant reception into the team, as well as the constant check-ins by various team members, which made my experience even more pleasurable.

Working with multiple departments at Omnicor and attending meetings as an observer and learner gave me the opportunity to see processes in each area from a new perspective. It also provided me with a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of different tasks and responsibilities within each department, and, it is through this experience that I believe I will be able to make an informed decision about my chosen profession.

The experience and knowledge obtained from performing a Talent Engagement Survey under the guidance of an Organizational Lead Consultant & Human Resources Manager, Amelia Samuels, was the highlight of my brief time at Omnicor. This experience taught me about the various internal conflicts and challenges that organizations encounter, but most importantly, it improved my understanding of the significance of organizational growth, as well as the power to modify and improve effectiveness within organizations.

Thank you to the entire team for providing me with the opportunity to learn and grow!

Author: Nokuphila Ndebele

Photo credit: Tim Mossholder